About My Work
     My goal as a  woodturner  is the ongoing  exploration of  design and technique as it applies to the art form itself.  The wood, the tree, teaches me, and I can only take what it's  willing to give. It's a lifelong learning process. Throughout the journey, hopefully some pieces have found their way to someones mantle or coffee table. I've worked with wood and trees for many years, but I've found that turning and sculpting get to the essence of what I truly enjoy about creating objects from wood. Much of my work begins on the lathe, and is often finished there, although shaping and sculpting off the lathe is also a rewarding venture.
I use both power and hand tools in my work, from chain saws, grinders, carvers, rasps, gouges on to sandpaper.
          All work is done by me alone however the inspiration  comes from  icons like David Ellsworth, Bill Luce and many more.  Most of the wood I use is local and comes from arborists, storm damaged trees and trees that are cut down due to old age, development, etc. Much of it is considered waste or simply firewood which makes the venture even more rewarding.

Will soon have assortment of pens available